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ProfileStar allows GlobalStar clients to enter and amend their travel profile 24 hours a day, and from anywhere in the world. ProfileStar will automatically update any of the four major GDS as well as integrated online booking tools, thus saving the travel agents time re-keying the information, improving accuracy, and removing any time delays for travelers. GlobalStar lans to use this tool to ensure seamless service across the globe regardless of the members' GDS or other technology platforms.

The benefits of ProfileStar are divided between the Traveller, the Travel Booker and their Company.

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The Traveler Benefits

Can update his profile anywhere, any time, to include new credit card details, a new mileage scheme, or a new mobile phone number. Total control. Will know that this information is available to his travel management firm's partners anywhere on the globe.

The Travel Booker Benefits

No repeating of details in e-mails or over the telephone. No worrying that you haven't got the CEO's latest mileage card. No more 3AM calls because the travel company can't find the Vice President's new cell phone number whilst he is traveling in Singapore.

The Company

Gets a state of the art online profile solution, no more filling out paper profiles, quicker implentation. Increased cost centre management and efficient employee HR management.