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It is estimated that on average 4% of all clients air segments ticketed in the Galileo system remain unused after the date of travel. In these cases, the passenger may request a refund on the ticketed segment or exchange it for future travel. Galileo E-Tracker enables you to track and manage unused segments.

The coupon status indicates whether or not the segment has been used. This data is stored in the airline system and not in the Galileo system. The process of tracking unused segments in the agents system is therefore complicated and slow because different systems hold the necessary data.

E-Tracker gives us the ability to record and check all electronic tickets issued on the Galileo system quickly and efficiently. The current status of tickets may be displayed using extensive search and sort capabilities.

Saving Overview & TMI Costs

*Refundable e-ticket management - On average clients loose 3 percent of tickets, by utilising our tracking tools to identify refundable unused electronic tickets we can provide Nvida EMEA with an estimated savings of €39,259 (*Based on a €1.25 million Air Spend).

*Non-refundable e-ticket/webfares management - Traditionally clients forfeit 5 percent of these ticket types. Utilizing our reporting technology to alert travellers/travel bookers holding non-refundable/webfare tickets prior to trip date and allow them time to change the ticket without losing the value can provide our customers an estimated saving of $16,346 (This figure has been calculated based on 25% of $1.25million Air Spend tickets being non-refundable/webfares)