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Our Approach

A Structural Evolution

TMI explore all opportunities to reduce our client's travel costs. This pursuit of productivity and cost saving shall be directed through our Structural Evolution process. By conducting "A Structural Evolution" process with you for each of your initiatives, we determine the best possible operating model for your organization and uncover many areas of your travel operation in which efficiencies and increased cost savings can be realized.

Integral to TMI's methodology is an advanced project delivery process with procedures and controls that are systematic and measurable. These processes ensure that each project is done efficiently and correctly, delivering the highest level of quality.

Upon completion of the process, we recommend strategies to develop the most progressive processes, productivity and improvements to your financial plan. We bring you full circle from where you are today to where you desire to be, enhancing all aspects of your travel operation along the way, and then, we start over. Your business changes often and we have to change and evolve with you. That's why we use the term EVOLUTION.

Improvement is a constant state-of-mind at TMI and our managed methodology provides a framework for our constant improvement and EVOLUTION.