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The Key Benefits

TMI GlobalStar partners develop and share best practices while supporting an overall commitment to innovative technology and customer service. Customers receive consistent service wherever they travel, because partners are bound by a common code of conduct, technology standards, global account management and service level agreements. By keeping in close contact with customers, partners clearly understand their travel management needs and help achieve their objectives. This long-term commitment to a highly collaborative, yet focused structure provides numerous advantages to customers - including collective buying power of over $13 billion, data management, and consistent, excellent service. By keeping in close contact with customers and partners, GlobalStar clearly understand their travel management needs.

Primary benefits of working with GlobalStar include:

Greater visibility and control of all multinational locations: consolidated global management information and a dedicated global account management structure, customers can introduce a global program with whatever degree of control they require.

Increased savings from local/global deals and increased policy compliance: access to global reporting enhances data to power improved deals, especially with hotels and ensures that all deals and policies are supported to maximize performance and savings.

Service consistency: All partners have been chosen for their similar approach to providing service excellence. They receive the same client brief and have access to ProfileStar to ensure that all customer expectations are fulfilled to the highest standards.

Access to the best local knowledge: Each partner is independently owned and a leader in their respective local market. Unlike manager run subsidiaries of larger multi-nationals, they have a considerable interest in the success of each client account.

Global programs that really work locally: No matter the strategy or business, in order for it to work, it must be tailored to suit different market conditions. Travel is no different. With the local knowledge an expertise of our partners, client global programs are tailored to reflect local markets and to achieve a 'buy-in' from local personnel.